Terms & Conditions


 ‘Haya in Designs’ has a non-negotiable policy of a non-refundable 50% advance down payment. The remaining payment would not be due until the cover is approved by the client. There is no policy for the covers to be sent to the client prior to complete payment of dues.

Final payment for the designs would be due within 7 days after the payment invoice is sent to the client. After one month, there would be an additional 5% liability per week on the part of the client. However, if more than three months pass without payment of dues, the client will be charged with $100 in addition to the existing payment.

In case of rush orders that are due within a time of less than a week, Haya in Designs tries its best to accommodate them. However, they come with a fee of $100 in addition to the total cost. For those orders that allow a relaxation of more than two weeks, it would be free of extra cost.

Orders for pre-made designs have no half-payment policy. The entire payment needs to be made at once since pre-made designs are limited in number and only those clients who pay in full up-front can be accommodated.


Haya in Designs encourages you to book your covers as soon as possible, allowing substantial time to work before deadlines. All changes should be sought at once at the client’s end, since every change requires more time and scrutiny. Plan your due dates according to your deadlines since Haya in Designs does not take any responsibility in case you miss a deadline.


Initial proofs:

One to two proofs for the beginning of the work would be sent to the client and if the client is not satisfied with the designs then a new design will be worked on. 

Changes to proofs:
There is a capacity for at-least 10 changes to the graphics after the initial proofs are sent to the client, and they are free of cost. For certain packages unlimited revisions are offered. 

-Time Frames for Deadlines:
Book your covers at a considerable time well ahead of any deadlines you wish to meet. Any changes afterwards would be accommodated at an additional length of time on our part. We do not take any responsibility for any delays owing to miscommunication on the client’s part.

Changes after approval:
While we do not encourage any changes after approval of designs, the client may bear it certain that any changes, if need be, would be made by Haya in Designs and not any other party. In addition, any alterations in the designs after they have been approved by the client would come at an additional cost, starting from $45 if the changes need to be made in haste and immediately. If you give Haya in Designs sufficient time to make any changes, they could be free of cost. 

Pre-Made Designs:
Pre-Made designs would be delivered to the client within 7 days after the purchase is made through the premade form. 

Upon purchase of a cover package, the following deliverables would be included in the package:
eBook Cover. 
Title and Author PNG 
Digital Delivery of the Files
High Resolution JPG and PDF Wrap and anything mentioned in the package. 
A document listing all the resources used on the covers, their license information and font names. 

Stock Images:
The main cover image would be provided by the client, automatically assuming that the client bears the rights to the said image. Additional details and elements that are added to the original image are a part of the package by Haya in Designs, and the clients would bear no responsibility for it. However, the client must have attained rights to use the original image. Haya in Designs would not be part of any legal disputes surrounding the original image provided by the client.

Images by Haya in Designs:
Any image that the client chooses from our library would be exclusively given to the client, and would be removed from our library. However, variations of the same image, including difference in elements or angles would not be removed from our library unless they are identical to the image provided by the client.
The client would not be allowed to SELL or REUSE the design in the production of any other amenities other than the printing of the book or the promotion of the book on online platforms. In case the client wants to use the designs in any other capacity, they must attain full rights to the said designs.
The client would not be allowed to issue the images to any other firm without permission by Haya in Designs. 
Haya in Designs is not responsible for any losses or legal liabilities in terms of finances or reputation on the part of the client after the cover has been approved by the client.
If, in case of any emergency, Haya in Designs fails to deliver the designs on time, we will make sure to contact the client beforehand in order to agree upon a new due date, with adjustable financial liabilities.

In case of cancellation of designs, no further payment would be owed to the client if the cancellation is made before the work has started.
If the work has already started on the design, the client would be indebted for the full amount due.

Haya in Designs has full ownership of rights over the designs as well as the concepts of all designs, including images, elements, placement of elements, fonts and layout. We do not allow any third party to recreate the designs in any capacity for any platform.
In case of any alteration to the image required by the client, the changes will not be made by any other party other than Haya in Designs, also with additional charges in case of alterations after approval of designs. 
Haya in Designs would also be entitled to retain limited rights to the designs for the purpose of public viewing, portfolio-building or self-promotions.

Haya in Designs places a compulsion on the client to include credits in the paperback version by writing a phrase “Cover by Haya at Haya in Designs’ or attributing with the business name in any manner. 
On the eBook version, a link to any social media platform can be included, but it is not necessary.

Haya in Designs would make sure that the work is original and has not been in prior use in any form that might be considered as detrimental to the client in any form.
We will make sure that the designs are devoid of any immoral, scandalous, unlawful or blasphemous material. 
Haya in Designs also places a compulsion on the client’s part not to use the designs in a way that would infringe on the intellectual property rights of any other party in any form.

In case of a decision to purchase a design on the client’s part, both Haya and Designs and the client would be obligated to accept the terms and conditions as stated above, thereby freeing Haya in Designs from any legal or financial liabilities. 

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